I never imagined I would become the avid reader I am today. Growing up, I remember if we (my younger brother and I) read a particularly interesting book in class we would tell our mom to read it.

However, being a student over the past several years, meant I never got the chance to read for “fun” because there was always some large textbook reading assignment…boring! But now, in life after college, I find myself with some glimpses of free time.

Adulting is hard! Unlike college, it becomes hard-er to meet friends. Shortly after graduating, I found I had less motivation to socialize, so I challenged my mom (yes I still make her tag along when it comes to reading) and me to join a book club.

My book club challenge was an attempt to force us into socialization at least once a month (aim big, right?). Since joining a local book club late 2016, this has only further ignited my recently re-discovered passion for reading.

Then, a few months ago my husband, Mike, started coaching tennis in his free time. Incredible! He is able to get paid doing a hobby he loves! This is something I can get behind, how can I apply it to my love for reading? How can I reach a further audience than just my mom (I swear I’m not as lame as I sound, I hope…)?

So…that is how For The Love Of The Page came about.